Cypress Freeway Replacement Project - Oakland, CA

This project was named 1997 Project of the Year by the San Francisco Section of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE).

ESE performed independent checking of the seismic analysis and structural design by Parsons of the modifications and underpinnings of BART aerial structures, the new BART I-880 Underpass and the new 7th Street Railroad Underpass in Oakland.

BART modifications and the underpinnings were required to accomodate construction of the new freeway at 7th Street in Oakland. Five existing BART columns had to be removed and new post tensioned box girders were constructed outside of the existing BART girders for support. The design and analysis of this project in terms of sequence of construction was critical due to BART's strict requirements for limited deflection in order to maintain operation of BART trains throughout construction of the new freeway.